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The Cultural Center of Vrnjačka Banja is a public institution in the field of culture and it owns a cinema and theatre hall, the Culture Castle with gallery and museum space and the Amphitheater with 1500 seats. The Cultural Center is the host to one of the most significant cultural events in Serbia entitled "Cultural Festival of Vrnjačka Banja", which lasts 100 summer days and includes excellent events in the fields of literature, theatre, film, television and musical production, visual art activities, publishing, museology, as follows:

  • The International Classic Music Festival - In addition to numerous concerts, within the festival there is also a pedagogic programme including courses for playing violin and chamber music.
  • Literary Summer is the programme intended for the field of literary creation, consmposed of portraits of eminent writers, book launches, literary regions and towns of Serbia, literary manifestations and winners of literary awards, as well as public discussions about current topics in history, philosophy, social sciences, politics, theology and so on.
  • Serbian Theater Days provide visitors the plays from the repertoire of Serbian theatres, making possible for them to see exclusive premiers, classics and drama avant-garde, portraits of actors, the great masters of drama literature and other programmes.
  • Visual Arts Festival – Serbian visual arts creation festival is a set of exhibitions, activites and manifestations in the field of art, and is composed of programmes of exhibition character and artistic activities such as The Contemporary Graphics Center, the Landscape Festival, Synthesis Programme, The Summer Academy of Visual Arts, The Sculpture Symposium and the Plain Air Yugoslav Sculptures Biennial.
  • Film Screenplay Festival - In August, on the summer stage in Vrnjačka Spa, the Film Screenplay Festival takes place. In the course of thirty years numerous films have been presented, which has also provided an opportunity for the film audience to meet the outstanding people of film industry. Screenplay writers, directors, actors, as well as others of no less importance for film production, have always been heartily welcomed guests. This festival is also an opportunity to take an autograph or a photo with celebrities. The Film Screenplay Festival will be unforgettable memory of your stay at Vrnjačka Spa which you will remember not only for beautiful nature, but the Spa will also remain in your memories as a place of film encounters. Besides presenting, evaluation and rewarding film screenplays of the current year film production there is also Screenplay Symposium, in addition to Summer School of Film Dramaturgy. It is followed by film shows and serials such as film premieres, FEST, Cinemania, Film Archive and others.
  • Other cultural events: street performances in Vrnjačka promenade, cultural events, museum exhibitions, theater performances, film and music festival on the summer stage, are only the part of the charm that Vrnjačka Spa showers upon every visitor.

Belimarkovic Castle - The summerhouse of general Jovan Belimarković, the King Aleksandar Obrenović's regent prior to his coming of age, is along with the Vrnjačka church, the oldest and most recognizable building. Erected on the slope above the hot thermal spring it was constructed following the model of north–Italian-Polish castles of that time, following the conceptual design of his nephew, the civil engineer Pavle Denić, projected and supervised by Austrian civil engineer Franc Winter. Its construction lasted from 1988 to 1894 whereas in 1889 the greatest part of the work was done. It was the dwelling of Belimarković's descendants until the 1970s, and in 1968 it was purchased by the state for cultural purposes. By the Law on Protection of Cultural Heritage it was declared to be a cultural value of great significance for the Republic of Serbia.

Nowadays it houses the Homeland Museum of a complex type that refers to the territory of Vrnjačka Spa and its vicinity, displaying archeological, ethnographic, historical (collection of graphic-tourist propaganda of Vrnjci, collection of architectural heritage, collections of old postcards, photographs, and the old photo negatives on glass), art collection (sculptures, pictures, graphics...) and natural collections. The permanent exhibition consists of three expositions: "Lađarište – Prehistory of Vrnjci", "Ethnographic heritage of Vrnjačka Banja" and "Memorial Room of General Belimarković", whereas "Art Collection of Culture Castle" is displayed in the off - season. The exposition "Lađarište – Prehistory of Vrnjci" presents traces of the oldest settlement on the territory of Vrnjačka Spa dating back to the period of the younger Stone Age (IV millenium BC). The exposition "Ethnographic heritage of Vrnjačka Banja" illustrates the way of life in the region since the second half of 19th century up to the 1960s. The exposition "Memory room of General Belimarkovic", with a part of the furniture and household objects from his legacy dating back to the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, represents a brief insight into the life of this general who, owing to his reputation and influence, contributed a lot to the development of the Spa. Special value of his collection are old and rare books and newspapers from the mid 19th to mid 20th century. The exposition "Artistic Collection of Culture Castle" is a rich fund of Serbian graphics, paintings and sculptures from the second half of the 20th century.
The Castle hosts classic music concerts, theatrical collages, books promotions, lectures, summer schools and symposiums (Visual Arts Summer Academy, Contemporary Graphics Center, Summer Classic Music Academy).
Apart from the gallery in the Culture Castle, at Vrnjačka Spa there are a few more galleries, where one can buy the works by the local artists as well as those of our best known painters.

National library "Dr Dušan Radić" has a century-old tradition: its beginnings are linked with "Šucin paviljon" that in the beginning of 20 century included a Spa reading room. Today the library has in its possession over 40 000 books, available to local people as well as to guests, reading rooms tastefully furnished with copies of all daily newspapers, magazines and periodicals in the fields of science and culture, as well as local heritage materials which are under certain conditions available to users. Its publishing activities include bringing out books on history, culture, philosophy, tourism, fiction, literary criticism and other fields compiled in several editions, the most important of which is Fons Romanus. Throughout the whole year, and especially during a spa season, the library organizes literary evenings, literature discussions, lectures and promotions of new books, with participation of eminent professionals of cultural, scientific, religious and other organizations and institutions.

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