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Sports Hall "Vlade Divac"

The Sports Hall in Vrnjačka Spa is located in the immediate vicinity of the bus station and it was officially opened in May 2008. It is the most recent sports facility in the Spa aiming to complete the tourism and sports offer of this destination and open the doors of the Spa to sports tourism. Since February 2009 this hall has borne the name of our celebrated basketball player "Vlade Divac". The hall is a multi-purpose facility suitable for organizing sports events, matches, trainings and camps preparations, as well as various cultural and entertainment events. It consists of a big hall of 1400 m2, a small martial arts hall, a gym, an infirmary, and four large and four small dressing rooms, changing rooms for judges and delegates. The entire sports equipment is of professional "Schelde" brand and the hall also has”Donic" table tennis equipment. The capacity of the hall is 1300 seats. In addition, the Hall comprises the Museum of Vlade Divac and a refreshment room for visitors.

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Sports center

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