Mar 16

Ski trail

The ski trail on Goč (11 kilometers far from the center of the Spa) attracts a great number of winter sports fans. The trail measures 520 meters in horizontal length, and so do the two arranged ski runs, 60 meters wide. Power tightening station is at altitude of 990 meters, where from all skiers start off to the peak. The place where they set off to the ski slope is at 1123 meters, which means that the difference in altitude is 132 meters. There are as many as 36 installed pulling devices with the capacity of 119 5 skiers per hour. The average ascent of the ski trail is about 30 degrees. Special experience is night skiing. Beside the trail there are a few catering facilities where you can get refreshments at very reasonable prices at any time.

Planinska kuća "Vladanka"
  • Na Goču
  • tel: 064 81 73 949
Vila "Nevena"
  • Na Gocu
  • mob: 066/677 59 12
Planinska kuća "Ratković
  • Na Goču
  • tel: 063 77 66 852
  • tel2: 064 84 61 877

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