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Churches and Monasteries

The Spa resort for physical diseases is surrounded by resorts for spiritual weakness. These are numerous churches and monasteries located in Vrnjačka spa as well as in its immediate vicinity. These churches and monasteries, witnesses of our history, are the shrines where Serbian history can be felt in a single day. In addition to monasteries and churches, the fortresses that once used to be strong are still on watch on the nearby crags: Ras (8th century), Maglič (13th century), Brvenik and Koznik (15th century).

Temple of the Nativity of the Mother of God – This holy temple was erected by Hadži Jeftimije Popović, archpriest of Vrnjačka Banja, in 1834, during the reign of Prince Miloš Obrenović. Archpriest Jeftimije performed the service in this temple for 47 years. He was buried at the south side of the temple, proven by his tombstone.

To the south of the temple there is a commemorative plaque to the Serbian warriors (Salonika warriors) who gave their lives for faith and fatherland in the wars of 1912-1918. The iconostasis was donated to the church by Jovan Kujundžić, a merchant from Belgrade, in 1875. The temple is dedicated to the birth of The Most Holy Mother of God (Nativity of the Mother of God is celebrated on 21 (8) September), which is testified by a wonderful mosaic above the entrance. Its length was extended twice, in 1936 and 1973. The current appearance of the western side was designed by the deceased Dr Dragomir Tadić, an architect from Belgrade. The summer feast day – the religious procession of Vrnjačka Banja is on 28th July. The holy martyrs are Kirik and Julita.

In the surroundings of Vrnjačka Banja spa you can also visit several holy places: the Church of the Holy Mother of God at Stanišinci, the Saint Sava Church in Gračac, the Church of Saint Jovan at Vukušica, The Mausoleum of the Belimarković family on the Vrnjačka Spa cemetery and the church Lazarica located 38 km far from the Spa at the entrance in Kruševac.


Žiča - The Žiča Monastery is 32 km away from Vrnjačka Spa. The best way to reach the monastery is to take the road to Mataruška Spa.

Studenica - The Studenica Monastery is located 80 km away from Vrnjačka Spa. The best way to reach the monastery is to take the road that leads via Mataruška Banja Spa along the Ibar highway to the place Ušće, where the road branches off to the monastery.

Ljubostinja - The Ljubostinja Monastery is 16 km away from Vrnjačka Spa. The best way to reach the monastery is taking the road via Trstenik and the village of Grabovac.

Stubal - The Monastery of St Petka at Stubal is 7 km away from Vrnjačka Banja. It is located on the slopes of the Gledić mountains. The best way to reach the monastery is taking the road to the village of Uglhjarevo over the Zapadna Morava river.

Here you can see the map of Monasteries in the vicinity of the Spa - Map of Monasteries.

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