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Medical & Spa complex "Merkur"

The special hospital for treatment and rehabilitation of digestive system diseases and diabetes – "Vrnjačka Banja" represents the state-of-the-art center for diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of digestive system diseases and diabetes. The special hospital disposes of modern medical service, with 50 physicians, 44 of whom are specialists and sub-specialists of diverse specialties, as well as of modern facilities for accommodation of visitors throughout a year: "Merkur" – the new one ("B" category), "Mirko Tomić", "Merkur" - the old one, "Romania" and "Šumadija". All the facilities have modern comfort and medical service of a specialized hospital type. Diet is in accordance with the principles of modern dietetics (Health food), under the supervision of a doctor specialist in endocrinology and a dietitian. Besides the basic diet types individual dietary variations are also provided for all illnesses indicated for the treatment in Vrnjačka Spa.

In "Merkur" there are:

  • Thermo mineral baths with mineral springs
  • Outpatient polyclinic department
  • X-ray department
  • Emergency medical service on duty 24 hours a day
  • Department for diabetes and obesity treatment
  • Gastroenterology
  • Physical therapy
  • Gynecology and therapeutic division
  • Ultrasound diagnostics department
  • Endoscopy
  • Cardiovascular tests office
  • Ophthalmology and laser therapy department
  • Sports medicine department
  • Urology department
  • Reflexology and acupuncture department
  • Clinical - biochemical laboratory

Indications for medical treatments:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Digestive system diseases
  • Postoperative conditions, after operations on digestive organs
  • Chronic gynecological conditions and sterility
  • Infections of kidney pelvis, urinary bladder and urinary paths
  • Stones in the urinary tract
  • Non-infectious diseases of small intestine and colon
  • Stomach and duodenal ulcers
  • Pancreas diseases
  • Conditions after curing jaundice
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and of bile ducts
  • Functional disorders
  • Conditions after resections of the esophagus, stomach and intestines

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