Mar 16

Places to go out

Vrnjačka Spa, in addition to perfect repose, offers its visitors an exciting nightlife as well. The main promenade is adorned with numerous cafe bars: Švajcarija, Goč, Dukat VIS, Taverna, Boss, Maratonac, BIRO kafeterija, Tom, Di Milano, City In, Savka, Makuljević, NN… Each of these modernly furnished catering facilities has an outdoor seating part where you can completely relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

If you want to spend your evening with wonderful sounds of old Serbian folk music tunes, the ideal places are the restaurants that Vrnjačka Banja offers. For lovers of good food and drink we would recommend some of the proven spa restaurants: Tri golubice, Kruna, Dukat, Cicino sokače, Gočko, Vuk, Vir, Kraljica, Snežnik, Kod Kumova, Horizont on Mt. Goč.

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