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Mountain Goč

Mount Goč is a mountain in Serbia, south of the Zapadna Morava river sheltering Vrnjačka Spa. Goč Mountain being a part of northern Kopaonik Mountain range is located 200 km from Belgrade and 31 km from Kraljevo. It stretches in the direction east-west for about 10 km. The highest peak is Krnja jela 1127m high. The highest part is composed of crystalline shales, whereas there is a substantial part of serpentine on the sides. The sources of numerous streams and small rivers, flowing away to the Zapadna Morava river in the north and Rasina in the south, are on Mt Goč.

Mount Goč can be reached from various sides, but two main roads lead to it: from Kraljevo through Kamenica to the peak Dobre vode and from Vrnjačka Banja to Stanišinci. The Goč area is overgrown with beech and fir trees, and there are also Goč pine, sessile oak, deciduous trees and exotic conifers. The micro-climate and clean air, owing to Goč vast forests, have favourable effects on anemic people, boosting metabolism and nervous system.

Mount Goč is rich in lush vegetation created through a combination of an ideal climate and fertile soil. Its slopes are covered with thick beech and coniferous forests, plum orchards, vineyards and numerous raspberry patches. It is an ideal place for hiking, picking forest fruits and herbs (endemic plant species and communities can be found here) and picnicking by the side of abundant mountain springs. You can buy cheese and kajmak (a special Serbian milk cream) from friendly hosts, and taste home made brandy by the brandy still and with a Goč peasant's warm smile. Special experience is numerous fishponds with Goč trout, where you can enjoy a delicious meal on the spot, with barbecue and beautiful surroundings of untouched nature.

An artificial lake is also situated on Mt Goč in which swimming is prohibited, but that is a perfect location for organizing picnics.

Planinska kuća "Vladanka"
  • Na Goču
  • tel: 064 81 73 949
Ribnjak "Salus"
  • Na Gocu
  • tel: 037/836-136
  • mob: 063/84-70-322, 064/30-23-000
Planinska kuća "Ratković
  • Na Goču
  • tel: 063 77 66 852
  • tel2: 064 84 61 877
Vila "Nevena"
  • Na Gocu
  • mob: 066/677 59 12

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