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It is said that the best way to experience Vrnjačka Banja spa – the queen of spas, is to take a ride on one of the horse-drawn carriages that go from the Bridge of Love through the vast and rich in flora Vrnjački park. The spa promenades spread along the small Vrnjačka river and are shielded by linden trees in almost their entire length of about 2 kilometers. Desanka Maksimović, Ivo Andrić, Maksim Gorki, Danilo Bata Stojkovića... used to have a ride on these paths, as well as the millions of tourists and visitors from the country and around the world. Everything is in its place, spruced with care and love, so if you even used to have biases towards Vrnjačka Spa, it will be enough for you to take a a-few-hour-walk to see this place with completely different eyes. Only when you have seen the place with the eyes wide open enjoying the silence and the sounds of nature, each epithet ascribed to Vrnjačka Spa will be confirmed.
Vrnjački park also includes the Japanese garden built in 2011 with money donated by the Japanese government and local municipality funds. Spreading on 3 000 square meters it enriched Vrnjački park with one new cultural content. It conjures up the Japanese people culture of living to its visitors, and enriches the Spa park plant reserves with plants arranged in different horticultural styles. The pith of the garden is a small lake with a small islet, tea house, and small cascading waterfall and bridge on the hill. This is the second Japanese garden in Serbia, the first one being in Belgrade.

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