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A great number of very attractive locations in the vicinity of Vrnjačka Spa offer the possibility to enjoy the beauty of numerous monasteries, old churches and fortresses, cultural and historic monuments, mountain picnic grounds, marvelous rivers, intoxicating vineyards.

Mount Goč is rich in lush vegetation created through a combination of an ideal climate and fertile soil. Its slopes are covered with thick beech and coniferous forests, plum orchards, vineyards and numerous raspberry patches.It is an ideal place for hiking, picking forest fruits and herbs (endemic plant species and communities can be found here) and picnicking by the side of abundant mountain springs. You can buy cheese and kajmak (a special Serbian milk cream) from friendly hosts, and taste home made brandy by the brandy still and with a Goč peasant's warm smile. Special experience is numerous fishponds with Goč trout, where you can enjoy a delicious meal on the spot, with barbecue and beautiful surroundings of untouched nature. In order to experience the pleasure of these formidable landscapes you can turn to agencies that organize excursions to the mentioned locations.

The Zapadna Morava river is really challenging for all those who enjoy fishing and refreshment. This is the place for people who prefer taking walks coupled with a refreshing breeze that brings comfort and alleviates intense heat of summer months days. This river is a place of contradictions, the breathtaking experience, a world impossible to understand, a miraculous gift from God to Serbia. All the visitors to the Spa who love rivers and sports fishing can enjoy the village of Podunavci ponds located on the Zapadna Morava river bank, 10 km away from the Spa, where great sporting competitions are held.

Wine Trails – It is said that in every glass of good wine there is a lesson in history, geography, botany, religion and philosophy, and that this is the only drink that rouses our senses and our mind. Wine is the destiny of hardworking and honest people living in the district of Aleksandrovac whose genetic code contains inscribed immense love for both the sweetest fruit – grapes and the most tasteful drink of all – wine. Join us on a tour of valley Župa vineyards where you can buy and taste wines and brandies of the finest quality in the wineries of a decades long family tradition. Here you can see the map of wineries in the vicinity of the Spa - Map of the wineries.

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