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Vrnjačka Banja spa is the economic, political and cultural center of the municipality, with total of 14 settlements covering the area of 240 square kilometers. There are approximately 30 000 people living on the territory of the municipality, whereas the Spa itself has about 16 000 inhabitants. Vrnjačka Spa is located in the central part of the Republic of Serbia, at 43°37' north latitude and 20°54' east longitude, about 200 km south of Belgrade.

The Spa settlement is partly situated on the mild slopes of Goč mountain towards the Zapadna Morava river, and partly on the gentle valleys of the Vrnjačka and Lipovacka rivers. Depending on the position of individual parts of the Spa, the altitude ranges from 220 to over 300 meters. The Spa is sheltered with Mt Goč and its spurs to the south, east and west, whereas the Gledić Mountain range protect it on the north. The narrower mountainous area of Vrnjačka Spa, along with Mt Goč, is a part of a huge forest-mountain complex of Mount Kopaonik which is the hinterland of Vrnjačka Spa extending to the south. In addition to Goč (1 147m) and Kopaonik (2 017m), there are also Mount Željin (1 785m), Mount Jastrebac (1 492m) and the Stolovi mountains (1 375m). The whole wider mountainous tourist area of the Spa is intersected with green valleys through which a number of rapid mountain streams and small rivers flow on their way to the Zapadna Morava river.

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