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Vrnjačka Banja Spa

Vrnjačka Banja spa is the largest and most famous spa resort in Serbia and has traditionally been a very attractive tourist resort for relaxation and recreation. The spa is located in central Srbia, about 200 km south of Belgrade. Vrnjačka Banja spa is very well connected with all parts of Serbia by road and railway route that stretches down the Western Morava valley connecting the Balkans highways, Belgrade – Sofia and Belgrade – Athens, and by good local roads with its forest – mountainous hinterland creating a wide area of preserved natural environment. This mountain complex comprises high mountains Kopaonik (2017m), Željin (1785m), Stolovi (1376m) and nearby gentle Goč (1216m). The climate is moderate continental. The nearby mountains influence the Vrnjačka Spa microclimate making it rather specific and very pleasant. Summers are moderately warm with chilly mornings and evenings, and winters are snowy with no sharp frosts. The average annual temperature is 10.5°C, whereas in summer it is 20°C.

Vrnjačka Spa has a very long tradition of healing treatments. The Romans built their health and recuperation resort AQUAE ORCINAE at hot mineral spring of Vrnjci in the period from II to IV century, as evidenced by archaeological finds from the central core area of the Roman spa: an ancient pool, an old Roman spring of hot mineral water (Fons Romanus) and lots of coins left in the healing spring for worshipping reasons. Mainly legionaries of Flavian V legion and Claudian VII legion, as well as Romanized clannish aristocracy of natives, used to come here for treatment and recuperation. The wider area of Vrnjačka Banja spa is the richest and most interesting tourist region in Serbia. It is an area where the Middle Ages encounter modern trends at every turn.

To the north there is gentle fertile plowland of the Zapadna Morava region, and to the south there is the river Ibar gorge, over 100 km long, roaringly breaking through the ravines of ancient Dardania, present-day the town of Raška, where the Serbian state started. There are also high mountains with well-known winter sports centers, among which Kopaonik is the most prominent one. Finally, this is the region containing the most significant monuments of Serbian medieval culture, especially the monasteries with impressive fresco paintings of which some are protected by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

Vrnjačka Spa offers accommodation capacity of over 15 000 bed places, 4 500 of which are in hotels, boarding houses and apartment complexes, 850 beds are in the health center and about 10 000 are in private facilities (which are not all categorized). At Vrnjačka Spa there are high class hotels offering indoor swimming pools, conference halls and sports facilities. Company Fontana is the largest hotel organization having at disposal 800 beds and also includes well known accommodation facilities "Fontana", "Zvezda", "Sloboda", Villa "San" i "Beli Izvor" on Goč (currently out of use). The backbone of economic life of Vrnjačka Spa is undoubtedly tourist activity, but "owing to" it some other economic industries have successfully developed as well.

The exploitation of Vrnjačka Banja mineral springs began in 1970. Popular water in glass bottles very quickly started to conquer market and proclaim the glory of the place originating from. Mineral water “Vrnjci” is the best association of Vrnjačka Banja. In recent years a few more prestigious companies from this town have won a similar status that only mineral water "Vrnjci" enjoyed for years: uttering only the company’s name makes one think of the wellness and healing properties of Vrnjačka spa. Throughout the whole year, particularly in the months of summer tourist season, Vrnjačka spa offers its visitors an extremely rich, eventful and varied cultural - entertaining programme. Numerous sports - recreational facilities and grounds provide very favourable conditions for recreation and are suitable for the preparatory trainings of elite sports teams.

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