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In recent years Vrnjačka Banja Spa has significantly opted for the development of sports tourism so that the number of guests coming to the Spa for various sports trainings, sports games, recreation and the like has increased. Vrnjačka Spa has all the conditions for the development of sports tourism and sports medicine. Primarily, there is a significant number of athletes, a great number of participants in physical education and of participants in sports and recreation therapy in Vrnjačka Spa. Furthermore, the Spa boasts a very favorable balneoclimatic factor of mineral waters, climate, relief, parks, forests, health food, a well developed physical medicine service, sports medicine cabinet with the medical staff and the sports medicine specialists, co-operation with the university departments of sports medicine and functional therapy, co-operation with sports clubs and athletes, high-quality sports facilities for preparatory trainings and can accommodate a large number of sports teams in comfortable catering and tourist facilities.

The Sports Recreation Center "Raj" with three grass (football) pitches figures as an important sports facility in Vrnjačka Spa. The fields on Raj were known as far back as in the 60s when they hosted athletics events. Since that time even until the 80s the works had been done on the sports fields expansion and renovation. In 1984 three grass football pitches including the athletics track and bleachers, as well as two dressing rooms with ancillary rooms, were constructed. The fields are located on the hill of the same name in the immediate vicinity of the Sports hall "Vlade Divac". The fields also include a sand volleyball court.

Of course the most important facility is the Sports Hall that meets the requirements of many sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, martial arts, table tennis, little football, fitness and so on. The Sports Hall in Vrnjačka Spa is located in the immediate vicinity of the bus station and it was officially opened in May 2008. It is the most recent sports facility in the Spa aiming to complete the tourism and sports offer of this destination and open the doors of the Spa to sports tourism. Since February 2009 this hall has borne the name of our celebrated basketball player "Vlade Divac". The hall is a multi-purpose facility suitable for organizing sports events, matches, trainings and camps preparations, as well as various cultural and entertainment events. It consists of a big hall of 1400 m2, a small martial arts hall, a gym, an infirmary, and four large and four small dressing rooms, changing rooms for judges and delegates. The entire sports equipment is of professional "Schelde" brand and the hall also has”Donic" table tennis equipment. The capacity of the hall is 1300 seats. In addition, the Hall comprises the Museum of Vlade Divac and a refreshment room for visitors.

Several open athletic fields for minor sports (Minor sports stadium "Kocka" located in the very center of the town) offer ideal conditions for playing minor football, basketball and handball, with the possibility of renting the fields in the evening hours. These fields are among the oldest ones in Vrnjačka Spa. The stadium was built in the 1950s as slag ground for volleyball and basketball, and in the following decades the fields were paved. It is located in the center of the Spa right beside the start of the Promenade near the Special Hospital "Merkur". These fields take an outstanding place in the history of Spa sports. On them the basketball club "Goč" and the handball club "Goč" were started. In recent years it was upgraded with tiered seatings as well as dressing rooms and a restaurant for athletes. The fields are illuminated by floodlights.

A significant tourist offer of the Spa in winter time is the ski trail. There is a ski lift on mountain Goč 12 km away from the Spa center. It can be reached by taking marked asphalted road. It provides excellent opportunities for recreational skiing and for organizing some ski competitions. During winter, a great number of Vrnjačka Spa residents, organized groups and Spa visitors benefit of this ski resort. Close to the trail there are facilities providing refreshments and accommodation to the skiers. There is a possibility of organized transportation by minibus starting from the Spa center to the ski trail and back.

The Olympic swimming pool was built in 1960 and is located close to the mineral spring Snežnik. This facility is an important tourist offer of the Spa during a summer season. In summer it is a favorite meeting place of young people who freshen up here on hot summer days. It consists of a complex of two pools, one of which is for children and the other one is of Olympic dimensions 25x50m and a depth of 1.20 m -2.20 m. By the pool there is also a commercial facility with locker rooms, an infirmary and lifeguard service. Pool guests can refresh in catering facility by the pool.
Indoor swimming pools within the hotels at the Spa provide excellent opportunities for playing water polo and going swimming throughout the year, whereas during summer season the big Olympic swimming pool is a the favourite meeting place for children, the young and Spa guests .

For all those who prefer summer, a river and sports fishing, the Podunavci ponds (10km) on the Zapadna Morava river have been landscaped, and big sports competitions are held there, as well. Ideal conditions for going hunting are also provided in the arranged hunting grounds on Mt Goč.
With your chosen partner you can "cross swords" on the tennis courts, or if you are in a bigger company eager to laugh and have fun, you have on your disposal everything you can need for a tug of war, sack race or playing darts.

Artificial rocks for climbing (free climbing), being a part of the tourist offer of the Spa, attracts a great number of tourists who want an active holiday. Mountaineering Sports Club "Goč" provides the opportunity to Spa visitors to try out sport climbing on the artificial rock. It is located in the Spa park and is a part of the unified whole along with tennis courts, a playground and a Japanese garden.
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